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Here Is to 21

I’ve been going through so much these past couple of weeks that I didn’t think I would enjoy my birthday. I’m quickly learning that I’m getting nowhere feeling sorry for myself so I decided to end my self pity party and enjoy being 21. I realize this is the first day back feeling steady.Something I read it was actually from my cousin and she post motivational things and not only am I proud of her but she also gives me that extra push I need to achieve my dreams and make them come true with work hard. She is also the reason why I decided to start blogging again and I’m very happy because no matter how hard I struggle, no matter how hard the road gets I still have to reach my destination so I had to find a way around all of my hurtles in order to get to where I want to be.

Today, I turned 21 along with one person that I share a bond with other than my mother... My Twin she’s away from me hundreds of miles and this is the first time we’ve actually spent our birthdays apart let alone, anytime apart so I miss her. We argue, we fight, but we’re sisters that’s not going to change because of arguments and whatever else gets in our way because that’s what family is.

I’ve learned a lot of lessons but specifically from ages 18 up to now. I’m learning that I don’t have to be 100% OK all the time, I don’t have to be happy all the time I can feel sad, and I can feel down as long as I find a way to pick myself back up. There isn’t a way to block long as I keep my heart open and enjoy life that's all that matters. I took months off of blogging because I didn’t feel my best and I wasn’t going to force content out, that’s just not who I am, I don’t do you things Half-ass it’s harder when you got the world watching you in a sense but I’m back slowly but surely taking my time and living life.

So here’s my toast I made it. I should be proud in my mind I crossed a mile stone off my list because from 18 to 20 have been the hardest couple years of my life with all the health issues that I’m going through I still put a smile on my face. I may move slowly but I’m getting there and it’s definitely worth the wait.


I did it. Thank you for another year. I’ll spend it cherishing those I value most.

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