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It's Just Chyna Turns 2!!

Today is my blog anniversary and it's been hard trying to put on a brave face and write. I can never say this enough I love this blog and every opportunity that has come with it so much so that I sound like a broken record. When you work so hard on something you don't want to see it fail. I've let so much stuff take away from the blog when I shouldn't have and it's truly discouraged my writing and posting. Even though I'm not blogging as much I'm still proud and I owe a lot to this platform because I am happy once I start posting. 

I'm nowhere close to being at the top of my game and it will be hard work building up that confidence and consistency I had but I'm ready to put in the work.

A little bit into the past....

Months ago, I couldn't find it in me to wake up and write. I was so sure that I would find a healthy balance but truth is I didn't-- I wouldn't even do school work and there is nothing stopping me but excuses. I hated it. But, like all setbacks you have to fight to come back and I'm trying. I'm not making goals public for reasons that are still unknown to me. In a constant loop of pain writing will get me always has so I'm disappointed that I abandoned it so quickly when things got too tough. I'm only human and all I can to is keep pushing and fighting to move forward.

2019: What can I say? This year is proving to be harder on me. Everything is intensified there is more to lose and everything is slow moving. Every year I set my resolutions only to fail and maybe I'm the blame but I'm pushing through and am hopeful that I can turn this around. After all isn't everybody? I know I'm not alone and I'm definitely not the only one to have down falls. That's just life.



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