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So I’ve been inactive for quite a while now and it’s because of so many things that have been going on since my mother’s birthday which is the last time I post. There’s a lot to explain so that’s what I’m going to do. Over the last few weeks I’ve been feeling so drained, emotionally, physically, and mentally and I just haven’t got my mind in the right space to blog. I was fine after my mom’s birthday everything seemed like it was back on track—it always does after I take a long break but then I started feeling sick and totally drained even after getting a full nights sleep. I will wake up and still feel extremely tired it’s just not me and I can’t seem to get past these hurdles. Aside from being in pain and feeling extremely just worn out and tired from not doing anything for most of the time I just needed some time to let that run its course. I feel like pushing through this awful feeling if it doesn’t get any better. I’m going to push through it and still put out content because the world doesn’t stop when you’re sick and that something I need to be aware of because I can’t let it stop matter how many times it gets in my way. 

Next, my pain has gotten a little bit better my leg still hurt a great amount because they don’t straighten out and are pretty much bent at a 90° angle. The pain is still super bad but I’m getting through it. It’s something I’m gonna have to live with so I might as well suck it up and go about my life. I’m only 20 I’m having problems like I’m 80 and it’s just not cute, it’s not fun I just really want to get my life back on track and be that independent person I always was. I’m finally starting to figure out a schedule where I can do school and not let it interfere with my Netflix time, my food intake, sleeping or having to blog because that is also an important thing. I finally found the schedule that will work with blogging and schooling. 

I’m honestly enabling myself to feel this way and it’s just I have to find that same drive and determination in me. I need to find my passion and let just one thing be on my plate instead of 1000 things. I want to put out the best content and be the best blogger, that I know I can be so I am allowing myself to step back and evaluate what I need and I finally got it. I got everything I need to be the best and I’m doing my best. That’s all that matters. 

Thank you in advance for understanding I know that this is not something I do every time I go on a hiatus—I mean this is probably like the third or fourth time I’m doing a post explaining why I’ve been gone and it’s just getting old for me and to my readers. I know you don’t have to tell me. I apologize for being inconsistent but at this stage in my life  I needed to worry about my health and other priorities. I love all the support I’ve gained and opportunities it’s truly a blessing. I’ve worked so hard for this blog and it’s time for me to stop letting my problems be the reason why I don’t do what I love.  I’d never want to give up on it because I truly want to see where this thing goes so stick around for the journey if you’re still willing to and we will see what has to come. 

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