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How I Keep Myself Motivated 2019

I’ve strayed a lot this year, I’ve been through so much with my health under so much stress that it’s literally driving me insane yet, I still want to put out my best work but I still want to blog as much as I possibly can. I want to put out something that is my personality,that is mine through in and out. I want to make it fun. Being a blogger has let me realize how far I can take my platform which is beyond my control because it can go farther than I ever dreamed of— I want to exceed my expectations, I want to exceed my goals, and I want this to be a direct reflection of my success. I don’t want to fail and I’ve said that about a thousand times, I never intended to neglect my blog in the first place but that’s just how it went.

As a blogger, I am also struggling with coming up with content because it’s not easy... to come up with something that is new, fresh and that you haven’t written about is stressful. I am struggling and the first step is to always admit you have a problem and I’m admitting that firsthand. I have a problem, I can’t consistently come up with topics that are interesting, and I’m working my hardest to do that but it has stumbled me. but I’m working through every obstacle like I’ve been doing my entire life. It’s getting easier I’ve been kind of finding my flow and now that I am on the right track I believe that I can put out something worth reading. 

I’ve picked up a lot of hobbies over the years because I feel like I’m limited to so much because of my disability. I’ve seen people define odds, I’ve been told I can defy odds. So why not do it? I need to take one step at a time, for now I’m trying to work on things that I have a dream and true passion for some examples: writing, blogging, poetry, music, and painting...whatever I just want to find that thing that’s going to say “Okay Chyna this is new but can you see yourself putting 110% in and not letting it defeat you.” That’s my starting line. 

I want to make my family proud. I want to make my mom proud she is been my number one supporter,my rock, my best friend. My mom is my biggest inspiration so literally I want to make her proud. I want her to sit there and say my daughter is doing this despite the fact that she’s in pain every day, all the time. I want her to see the smile on my face is worth it. That’s what blogging brings me—it brings me a smile so I want her to see that it’s not just something that will deminish me as a person, it’s not something that’s going to put me down all the time, or  stumble me because blogging has not be a walk in the part for me. I’m not gonna lie this is me being 100% honest and real, this is my journey and I’ve said it on my website that you will follow me through this roller coaster of my life. 

Long story short, my family are my biggest motivators and they have seen what it’s like for me to almost give up on being the active person that I was. I pushed through anyway and that’s what’s always going to set me ahead. Even though I’m in pain I always find a way to get through it, and I want that to show through the blog. I want It’s Just Chyna to be what it is—in its name itself I am being just me, the pain is apart of that. I found my way through it and it’s not going to hold me back I am done letting it. 

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