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Blogging: Struggles, Stress, & Success

February was a tough one— I couldn’t blog at all due to my disability and pain. I was too stressed, overwhelmed, and just all around strained. My sister told me yesterday to “work on my dying blog” and what she said was brutally honest but slightly true. Fact is, I stopped trying for a short time. I gave up on perfecting this blog but I couldn’t put out half-ass work it’s unfair to me and whoever reads my blog. 

My Struggles 

  1. Time management 

  2. Exposure

  3. Consistency 

I created this blog to share and tell my truths. Yet, over the course of my blog I’ve mostly struggled with being inconsistent. I’ve realized that it’s discouraging to not post day after day. My constant thought is maybe I’m not cut out to be a blogger but, I refuse to give up. 

My Stresses


pleasing everyone 

managing my health


good content

The stressed even out way the struggles, that’s truly saying something. I always say I’m grateful for this opportunity but I took a huge step back to see if this is still something I want to do. After a lot of thinking and sleepless nights I can honestly say yes. I’m ready, my journey consists of more bumpy roads or whatever but it’s fine. 

My Successes

Blogger connections

First brands deals

blog anniversary 




Genuine happiness 

discovering my passion 

sharing my life

loving what I do

Yes, I admit I’ve neglected this blog but, it wasn’t my intention and I can’t take it back but I’m doing everything I can to fix it. I want this to be a great place for me—my escape from my crazy life. 

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