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Declutter My Life

A lot of things in my life can stress me out. But it’s also not organized at all. Hence, the reason why my blog isn’t as consistent. I’ve tried using planners and it’s not working. I would feel a lot calmer knowing my life isn’t a complete mess. 

It doesn’t help that I don’t really sleep and I overthink. I’m busy trying to make others happy at the expense of my own. So I postponed this blog post to get clarity and shut out my problems so I could have a new way to approach them. 

I figured out my school schedule which was the trigger for most of the stress. I write all of my blog post ahead of time—or at least I try to. With my blog and school scheduled out I keep myself productive. I believe that if I’m distracted it takes my mind off of the pain which is a plus all around. 

I’ve said it before 2019 will be my year. Not for just my blog but my happiness and the goals I’ve set to accomplish them. It’s been such a stressful couple of weeks and I’m working harder than ever to work on my health. Hence, the reason why I haven’t been on the blog. I’ve watch as the pain slowly but surely took control of my life and I’m taking it back. I’ve worked so hard for my dreams and I’m not going to let them fail or not come true. It’s settling for less and my mom said I deserve better than that. 

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