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My 2018 Recap

This year was just as hard as the last. I learned some much from myself and observing others around me. I’m learning that I sacrifice my happiness so others don’t have to and there is no need for that. 

I moved to be closer to my family leaving friends that felt like family to me. I adjusted—that’s what you have to do. I overwhelmed myself with my blog and couldn’t take the heat. Over and over again I let my pain dictate how I live my life. I’m too wrapped up in the routine of letting pain take over. 

It’s been a good year, I’m so grateful for every opportunity that I’ve been given and every obstacle I’ve faced. Who wouldn’t be? I have an amazing life but I’m faced more bad days with my pain and I can’t be consistent with my work like I want to. 

Letter to 2018

You defeated me in more ways the one. I lost the confidence I needed to conquer you. I had goals, plans and days where the thought of accomplishing those goals motivated me. Every time I couldn’t find a positive way to execute my plans I would second guess myself. You got the better of me. So many bad days—painful nights. I’m over it it’s time to make 2019 so much better. 

Sincerely, Chyna

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