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My New Years Revolutions

I’ve taken time to think about what I want for this year 2019 is all about action. I don’t want to make a list about it. I’m a’s okay I’ve come to terms with it. In order for me to find genuine happiness I need to work the things that discourage me from living my life. 

I can’t say there won’t be bad days...that my body won’t shut down on me because there most definitely will. I can’t predict what the future will be. At the same time, I let my body dictate how my day was going—I gave in. I wish I knew how to cope with extreme pain a year ago but, I wasn’t prepared for the impact of it. No one is. When I gave in, I gave up on myself. 

I’m 20 years old, I have so many ideas and adventures I want to persue. For the past two years all I did was let my life pass me by. Setting goals is easy it’s the follow through that made me stumble. I have limits but I’m not limited. 

My New Years resolution:

If I’m unhappy I need to be the first one to change.

 Know my worth and don’t settle. 

Be unstoppable. 

Dont let the past years control the outcome of this one. 

Manage the bad days. 

Finish what I started. 

Take action. 

Find my place. 

Work hard. 

Live my best life. 

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