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Happy 1st Blog Birthday It’s Just Chyna

Happy 1st Blog Birthday It’s Just Chyna

This year was— still is hard on me but, through this I’m doing my best to stay strong and keep on moving. My surgery was 16 days after I started my blog and I underestimated the toll it took on my body. The stress to keep the consistency with a blogging schedule was too much and it shows in the archives of my post. Yes, this year was hard and trying— probably not the best time to start a blog but I did it and I HAVE NO REGRETS. I’m so happy with the blog and how far it has come and I will continue to work at it as much as I possibly can but my health comes first.

This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the scariest— putting yourself on the internet always is but I couldn’t be afraid forever this is so much fun and I’m letting it flow...I’m a working progress. It’s Just Chyna has given me the writing freedom to be who I am and will further allow me to pursue a career. This is my blog and I’m hoping as the years go on that it will be better and reach the goals I have planned for it.

I’ve learned my lessons and I’m figuring out what best for me and in result, the blog. I will only post what I’m comfortable with and from what I know. I’m so excited to keep fighting the internal battles of being a procrastinator and wanting Netflix as a true friend forever. I’ve decided that I’m going to take blogging & school one day at a time— that way I don’t overwhelm myself with everything going on.


It’s almost been a whole year since I had my operation June 22nd to be exact and the pain has gotten better since then. I have since gotten physical and occupational therapy— it’s changing the game. The methods I’ve been using to alleviate the pain has helped a lot and I couldn’t be happier.




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