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Balancing My Life

Balancing My Life

I have been overworked and tired trying to figure out how to work this blog into my busy schedule or the mental strain of it, I can plan until my heart is content is finding a way to complete something that’s the problem. I kind of give myself these extreme tasks with a deadline and that’s what’s stressing me out. With physical therapy and school I just can’t find the time for the blog. I also have writers block which sucks all on its own...believe me I’m trying to figure out a way to make it work.


I love this blog so much and I’m so happy about how it’s turned out and the Facebook groups and friends I’ve made. Right now, this is just a hobby a way to relieve stress and get away from life. I just want to reach the goals I’ve had for this blog. My blogging friends have assured me that there is nothing wrong with taking time for myself...which I do all the time. I like blogging on my pressure.


Time keeps ticking even when life tries to keep us down and sometimes, that sucks but, we keep breathing and living. My physical therapy started and it helps with my pain more and more with each session. There will always be bad days but, that’s my life and I’m working on it. Trying to keep myself out of the hospital is key and if I have to take time for myself to take care of myself and well-being that’s what I have to do.


I hate this with a passion and it’s motivating me to finish...How sad is that? I have planned out all my exams dates which is a step in the right direction. Once, I’m done I can wipe my hands of it and focus on something else. I’ve set a deadline for me to complete for graduation and have a calendar for the assignments for each course. It’s frustrating to no end and and when pain gets in the way it messes everything up but, I’m managing.

If there are any tips on how to better get a handle on my life please help a girl out. I want to make more time for blogging and community activities.




It’s Just Chyna blogiversary is tomorrow and I’m so excited to finally hit a year and it’s not just for the blog so stick around for tomorrow's post.


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