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Chyna's Beauty Corner

Chyna's Beauty Corner

Hello, to all the beautiful people around the world, growing up my mom told me I was too young for makeup and looking back on that time I couldn't be bother with wearing any in the first place. I'm ending my teen years and really never felt the need for it to become part of my routine, so I haven't worn any, it was that simple. I realize that being young and finding out what made me happy was more important than envying all the kids who had the next best thing. I understand that it's important for a teen to explore and learn from with that being said this was mine.

I would sit in my room with my twin and tell her the reasons why I didn't wear makeup when she asked and some kids around school would ask the same thing but I never was insecure about my looks why? Because at the end of the day I was happy regardless of what any other kid had to say. I didn't need my mom to tell me I was beautiful because I knew that it wouldn't actually matter because true beauty is within.

Now, I'm not saying that for the rest of my life I will never wear makeup after all this is Chyna's Beauty Corner. I'm not by any means a guru and it's not my place to give you pointers on winked eyeliner, smoky eye shadow, contour, or highlight. I learned tips from my twin Egypt and GRWMs on YouTube, with so little knowledge I do know enough to get by, the basics if you will (I'm just being honest.)


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