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What I'm Doing to Help My Blog

What I’m Doing to Help My Blog

I have been blogging since June and I didn’t know much about anything in fact, you could say I jumped headfirst without looking and it bit me in the butt for awhile. I turned a chaotic and overwhelming situation into something good.

Here is How!

  • Facebook

Everybody knows what that is. I joined groups that helps give guidance to new bloggers and it has helped more than any other platform so I chose to start there. I have recently posted about them in a previous post. I will continue to use these groups to help me grow into the blogger I want to be. I have my own Facebook page for the blog and I share new blog post and updates whenever I can or after a post.

  • Traffic & Page Views

Using Wix I am able to check how my site is performing and go from there. I like using this method because it lets me know how I should post (I do this weekly) In a sense it has brought a new understanding to blogging which is not easy.

  • Blogger Besties

Getting to know other bloggers has changed the game. They get the struggle because they go through it themselves. I like that being involved in these groups has helped me make more friends. I am able to ask questions and get help on something without trying to copy everything method. Tips are always good but keeping in mind what works for someone else may not work for you.

I’m not a hermit, I promise.

  • Being Myself

It takes a lot out of a person when they are trying to be someone they’re not. Take it from me it’s tiring and not worth it. I changed it up and I’m only doing what feels right for me. Perfect Flaws x Chyna explains it all in that series. I feel so happy and free and my blog is going to continue to grow and showcase who Chyna is.

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