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Embracing My Mistakes

Embracing My Mistakes

I make mistakes all the does every human. If you don’t then you’re simply not from planet Earth. Hello, welcome enjoy your stay. I am not perfect by any means and that’s kind of the whole point for Perfect Flaws x Chyna. My brain definitely works faster than my hands I’m a slow typer as it is so there’s that. There are a couple of spelling mistakes in a few blog post...oh, well.

I can’t please everyone, that’s not how happiness works so get over it. I have an IDGAF attitude and it’s actually relieving so much unnecessary stress.

That felt good to get off my chest.

Sure, if you ask me mistakes are cringy as hell to look back on but whatever. Every time I plan on being consistent and make goals they always fall through. I do it to clear my persistent brain and then procrastinate for as long as possible— bad habits. I could tell you that I’m trying to better myself but, I don’t feel like lying. I like the free posting routine that I’ve fallen into....should I be ashamed? Why?


I’m 19 so the time to live and be carefree is now. I’m not going even get started on the played out YOLO trend that people have been overusing since it became popular. In this moment I’m free and not going to stress like before— it’s uncalled for.

Mistakes are supposed to happen otherwise what is life?

I’m embracing mine.

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