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Reflecting on My Life Choices

Reflecting on My Life Choices

Over these past few weeks I've been joining groups and emailing my friend Bria Nycole she is amazing and her blog has helped me. Also, just talking to her on a personal level was uplifting...I mean we could be pen pals or internet besties...

Seriously, can we?

I haven't been blogging for that long...barely a year and I'm still trying to find my common ground and roll with it. Like I said in the previous blog my biggest mistake was trying to be perfect and I am now changing my view on things.

I don’t regret my life because it’s a path that led me to where I am today. Yes, there were some very childlike and petty mistakes that I made, which I now cringe at but, that’s something that I’m just going to laugh about. I’m very grateful, because I’m very happy with everything in my life and everyone I’ve met over the years.

It's Just Chyna— that's my heart and soul and I spent 2 years just about making it perfect for myself before I even launched it. Treating it like something random didn't sit right with me so I spent February watching Disney movies and Netflix trying to figure out how to make it more like me in my head… instead of something I’m not.

I like the silence so sometimes Netflix won't even be playing (I know it was a shock to me too.) I will think of blog post and it would almost make my brain implode— it was overwhelming. I never got anything done.

Seriously, I know I need a quiet place to write but, to be honest I haven’t worked out all the kinks. That’s my life.


1. I pause what I'm watching

2. Cozy lights

3. Talk about my ideas out loud

4. Write 3 things I'd like to do


6. Soothing sounds

7. Deep Cleansing Breath


After I do that, I resume Netflix.

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My life, may it be filled with adventure, chaos, ups, downs, love, laughter, and so many memories.


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