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How I Manage My Pain

How I Manage My Pain

This is a topic that’s very difficult for me to describe in terms of how severe the pain is… I have live with pain and I can control it— mostly, my pain is on a 6 to 10 scale and sometimes it’s off the scale. I don’t have a solid routine it place, I just do what works for that day and go from there. Since my surgery, I will say that it’s gotten a little bit out of control— more intense. I don’t want to become completely dependent on meds so I brave through it or use heat which helps a ton. On my bad days, I don’t do much because it puts too much pressure on my body… no one wants to add to pain that would be unfair. I’m a happy person and I love to smile and laugh, when you're in pain there is no way to hide that look.


I have been looking for new ways to keep my levels at a 6 like massage therapy and I’ve been looking on Amazon (which is a bad idea when you're broke.) I found some pain relieving oils that sound promising and I hope it helps.

I don’t like dwelling on this topic but it is apart of who I am so, I can’t exactly hide from it because it’s always there like, that forever Monday feeling. I’m glad I got to talk about this though.

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I know that this is a battle that will last the rest of my life but I won’t let it limit me from doing what I love and see the outside world. There is not much more to say about this topic as of right now but I’m healthy and living that should be all that matters.


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