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The Pressures of Blogging

The Pressures of Blogging

Another reason why I needed a break to regroup and be who I truly am— therefore the purpose of My Hiatus, there was so much pressure to be this big shot blogger in so little time. Trying to run before crawling I guess. don’t worry I’ve learned and I always keep a reminder— perfection is unrealistic.

When I started blogging I was constantly looking for ways to find success and I failed myself and the blog. It’s an injustice and I’m moving forward and putting a carefree spin on what I write from here on out. The pressures of blogging is always going to be there when I continue this and there are just mere hurtles.

  • Page views

Once again Pinterest was my kryptonite, I used it to get tips on How to raise them but, I quickly got nowhere and those boards only showed what worked for those blogger. All the power to them— I threw every strategy out the window during this hiatus and now I’m starting over.

  • Popular Blog Post

Pinterest is a common theme in this blog post so bare with me people I’m still a newbie. Popular blog post same as like & shares only more— not your average likes per blog post. All I have to say is that I’m still working on those.

  • Likes & shares

Like any Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or blog there is always this issue. So oes that me when you don’t get a high enough number you delete it. If so, I should just quit right now. It’s something that takes time— unless you buy likes and share… hey, no judgement here.

  • Monitized Blog

Do it for the money?! Can you call it a passion if your only in it for those dollar bills? There is nothing wrong with a little side hustle or if it’s your job. My only question is would you still love just as much 10 years down the line?

  • Hobby vs Business

I consider It’s Just Chyna up in the air at this point. The future is never permanant everything can change in an instant. Do what make you feel right.

I’m done trying to rush this process, I’m enjoying going at my own pace and I’m slowly making it into what I want it to be. I can’t wait for these upcoming changes and see It’s Just Chyna grow into something amazing.

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Got a late start so the blog is late oops… I was binge watching tv it’s what I do to calm my pain.


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