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Why My Disability Doesn't Bother Me?

Why My Disability Doesn’t Bother Me?

Writing the post as I go. I don’t really have an answer for the question Why? Is that bad, that I can’t come up with an explanation? Oh, well. I’m just going to tell it like it is. I’m in a wheelchair that’s nothing new. I was born with Cerebral Palsy to people who don’t know me it’s harder to understand but I get it. I was bullied but I can’t change how I am so I just brushed it off. I’m happy and I think that it’s important to find that— happiness in any life. It’s true… I didn’t ask for this but I wouldn’t take it for granted or change it. I’m 19 and I can honestly say that the memories I’ve made in this lifetime are worth every struggle.

There are bad time, my life is far from perfect (getting those Hannah Montana Nobody's Perfect vibes) getting back to the issue— no one has a peachy perfect life. There are days when I’m in too much pain to function but then it eventually stops. Do I wish that this pain never existed? Absolutely, but I smile anyways. I also don’t limit myself, I believe that whatever I set my mind to I’ll get it done.

1. I Started a blog

2. Working on some projects.

3. Learning to play piano.

I'm working toward that girl boss status.

Perfect Flaws x Chyna

That’s pretty much it for why it doesn’t bother me. The people who bully and who hate on someone else because they re working hard for there dreams that’s the real problem.


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