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Why I Started Virtual Journals x Chyna

Why I Started Virtual Journals x Chyna

I started writing in middle school and I wrote about the boy I was dating at the time— puppy love. I showed it to a friend who passed it around to the teachers and other students. The response was great for my first real poem and it made me feel good about writing. In that point in my like my career choice wasn’t to be a writer in fact, it was nowhere near that field. I wanted to be a Supreme Court Justice...I know it’s far off. In 2015, my need to write and create something real through my words sparked. The poems that I began to write came from a place deep inside of me. I was vulnerable and raw— completely me. Being shy about my work I had friends give me the cold, hard truth and some adults was an ‘All or Nothing’ sort of thing. My friends told me I should get published a year later. Through my writing I got inspired to go deeper and continue with it and I love it, I had the idea to write a book too.

Spoiler Alert: That’s in the works.

I started my blog June 5, 2017 and it was the proudest day of my life after working for months on it. After awhile I added Virtual Journals x Chyna and it was because all my poems were in the notes of my phone and google docs. Anyways, I felt it was time to share them. I truly believe that writing is something that I was meant to do and I look forward to the crumpled up papers and cramped hands as I embark on this journey. I may be disabled but I feel like my work would carry some significance when it’s done. With that being said my poems deserved a place that is an extension of me and I’m so glad It’s Just Chyna is that place.

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I hope to keep it going and being happy, fun, quirky, sassy and everything things else in between. There is more to come and I’m not finished yet.


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