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My Truths #4


I realized recently that I never posted My Truths #4 and I had this written back before Thanksgiving. My bad I must have fallen asleep...because that's what you do when your tired right? It's okay I'm going to be updating this series constantly, so...bare with me.

Hold up! I'm not done in a recent post I mentioned a new series things that help me to cope with being happy in live so go read Feb 5, 2018 titled Overwhelmed & Overthinking.

My Limited Edition Bomber Jackets are finally available! I waited so long to announce these six Jackets and the time just kept slipping by so on Christmas Eve I did it. Now, I'm releasing Valentine's Day Jackets and Hoodies.


I have so much I've been wanting to accomplish and My Truths were one of them so I'm not holding back.

November 17, 2015


I feel like I've been invaded--I'm the damsel in destress and no one has come to rescue me but, this will never be a fairytale. I feel like I'm stuck out at sea but, I guess I'm okay...maybe I'm confused because I'm still trying to find my place in the world. everything has changed so it's just my illusion of a perfect world...boy was I wrong because in reality it's nowhere close I feel ashamed because I had such high hopes for someone to lead me away from this place that has consumed me--now I'm facing this world alone.

I am so sorry for forgetting about this poem but I'm making up for it and posting it now. See you soon Chyna.


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Now onto the poem

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