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My Truths #5

It's been a minute since I updated Virtual Journals and I figured why not do one that's brand new. I moved back to New Jersey to be closer to my family after 10 years and it feels so good to see them again. But I did need a break after 11 hours in the car...that's why I haven't been blogging. Now, I have a ton of poems in my archives but this will have to do.


We were young, dumb but so what? Those were the days. Happy...not a care in the world but we're grownups now. Do you remember? I do

It's been awhile yes, I know but I'm back now and it's time for new memories, reflect on the old ones.

Remember that Thanksgivings? We all sat around the table...nothings changed.

Here's to remembering.

I had an amazing New Years and this year will be better for me in the best way. I've neglected the blog and it wasn't my intention but there is a lot going on right now so it's been on the back burner. See you later, Chyna.

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