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12 Days Blogmas Recap

Day 12

I admit I thought about not posting everyday for the past 12 days. It was tough but I stuck to my guns and I feel proud, it was a goal of mine. I'm happy and even better this wasn't about doing it because of Christmas--well, for the most part. I did it.

Shall we recap?

DAY 1: My To-Do List

Since I started blogging I've done To-Do List that kind of show what I'm going to be doing and yet, I still precrastinate and push it off because, I already have enough on my plate.

DAY 2: 2 Pieces of Advice That I've Learned

I'm a growing human and throughout my life there will be many moments and mistakes to learn and grow from but, I shared about the advice I've learned in the past.

DAY 3: 3 of My Top Favorite Things

In this blog post, I mentioned that I have a lot of favorites. Who knows...the list may be endless. Making it easier I narrowed it down and discussed only three.

DAY 4: 4 Tips to Accomplish a Goal

Over the years, I've come to realize that what works for someone else may not work for you. All you can do is try and see if it works and if it doesn't make up your that's what I did. Tips made into a method.

DAY 5: 5 Ways To Give Back

During the holidays a lot of people go without the basics and even throughout the rest of the year. I dug through my brains for ways to giveback to your community and spread love.

DAY 6: 6 Reasons Why...

I love fall but I figure why not share the reasons why I love Winter.

DAY 7: 7 Years...

I wanted to share this empowering moment just like I do with my poems on Virtual Journals x Chyna. Writing a letter to my future self and it was fun so props to that.

DAY 8: 8 Ways that I Stay Heathy

With being in the hospital and managing pain levels, when I'm home I have to work my way back from being sick, and this works for the common cold too.

DAY 9: 9 Things Challenge...

I completely made up. My twin and I are not the same even though we may look alike. I did a post just about her and it made me realize just how different we are. It provided a better understanding.

DAY 10: 10 of My Favorite Movies

I'm a homebody, and I like being indoor...sometimes I have no choice but to stay in. I have movies at the ready for when days like that happen.

DAY 11: 11 Quotes that Make Me Happy

I love a good pick-me-up and movitation post for those days when I'm feeling down and put them all in a blog post to share.

Enjoy the recap and read up on all the post. See you later, Chyna

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