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8 Ways that I Stay Healthy

Day 8

For the my entire life I've had reasons to be in the hospital and believe me I've had my share of hospital stays. Anyways, I came up with 8 ways to keep my happy and healthy.

1. Stress Free.

When I'm sick and something goes wrong it add to the other list of things I have to worry about. If I'm calm the stress goes away and I can focus on getting better.

2. Music.

I use music for everything it's insane. It's therapeutic and relaxing, I listen to music everyday and it helps a lot.

3. Healthy Eating.

Staying healthy includes eating right. Pizza is not a healthy meal plan. I love my vegetables and kale salads so when I'm in the hospital it's not because of eating junk food.

4. Mental Health.

Having a good mindset is helping me stay healthy. Positivity and love, it makes me feel better even if it's just a little bit. A nurse told me that being in the hospital won't give you the motivation to get better "You have to believe it."

5. Motivation.

Being motivated is a way I stay healthy. Whatever motivates you, drives you to feel better and that infact keeps you better.

6. Laughter.

It's the best medicine. I laugh all the time and in truth it does work.

7. Cleanse.

I love detox and body cleanses it's the best way to stay healthy, I went on pinterest and there are hundreds of recipes I want to try like smoothies, teas, and meals.

8. Stay Active.

Even with a dislocated hip I was active. After my surgery, I went on a downfall and my reason is because I got used to it--the pain. It just took me awhile to get used to the pain that came with healing.

I am choosing to take my life back and happy. See you later, Chyna

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