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7 Years...

Day 7

Seven years in the future....

Dear Me,

I can't tell the future and I've been found out that nothing you plan will ever be set in stone. I writing you this at 19 because I barely have a handle on things, just stepping into my own. There are just a few things that I wish for you, and I do believe you won't have to surfer the way you have. I'm you from the past and eveything is okay for now...I can only hope that they got even better for you. My hope is that you're happy, healthy, sucessful, but most of all your pain is manageable...not as severe.

Seven years from now, you will hopefully have everything you worked hard for. Keep one thing in mind, being in a wheelchair didn't slow you down it made you stronger, faster. You thrive under pressure, your pain pushed you to work harder... it's sad that you had to go through so much and you weren't always okay but, you put on a smile anyway.

Whatever you're doing now, I admire you. I believe in you so make yourself happy. Do great things, change the world. Everything that you are we both work so hard for, be proud of that. Nothing is promised, your future is not set, no one gave you handouts so don't go looking for them.

You're Welcome, Chyna.

I feel so much better. See you later Chyna

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