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6 Reasons Why...

Day 6

I may not choose winter as my favorite season but, it's one of them just not Fall. I mean there is one con for like winter...nobody wants to be freaking cold. Other than that one con I love it. If you want to know my reason for loving this season keep on reading.

1. Snow.

I love watching the snow fall from the sky, the way it gently lays on the ground, the size of the snowflakes it's very peaceful.

2. The Air.

It's crisp. I'm love going out (the few times a year that I do.) Feeling it against my cheeks.

3. Getaway.

Even when I don't leave the house I'm usually alone and I like to look outside while I'm wrapped around in a warm fuzy it's a little getaway in my mind. Watching movies like Frozen AKA one of the favorites.

4. Family Activities.

My family love to make up our own games and when it's raining or snowing we gather in the livingroom. I've won a few games myself. Me, my cousin, and sister built Olaf relative that was one of the best days ever.

5. Christmas.

We don't care about the gifts or decorations we just like the company. It's always a good time.

6. Reading.

When I'm alone I like to curl up with a book under tons of blankets.

My reasons are short and simple but, all together it's why Winter is my second favorite season. I don't much to make me happy. See you later, Chyna.

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