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4 Tips to Accomplish a Goal

Day 4

It's holiday season and with people running around getting gifts or setting up holiday decorations. Most people start decorating before Thanksgiving...I'll never understand that. To each their own, my favorite thing to do is set goals it's fun (I'm a simple girl)

1. Set a time for yourself.

If you have tiime for yourself in a quiet place, usually I think about the future and all the things I want to have in my life or career. Late a night, or when I can't sleep is when I think about my career or future. When everybody is a sleep I mute the TV and grab a note or type out a system.

2. Don't Stress.

If you feel like you can't set a goal relax and resume on a different day. A lot of the time I overthink and get overwhelmed about all the possibilities of the future but that's out of my control so right now I'm living in moment...going with the flow. If I feel like it goes without saying if you need a break take one

3. Know what you want.

A goal is something that can be accomplished over a period of time. I know what I want in the future but sometimes it's good to have an idea. I want to publish a book soon so I am currently planning goals for that every week so that I don't get sidetrack about what I'm planning for.

4. Work hard.

Nothing comes easy. In this society you can't just say you want something and it appears in the palm of your hands, that's not how the world works. I have been up hours working on this book, infact I've been working on this for awhile so I'm glad to be having something to do. I can't wait for it to be published.

Just know that you can set goals for everything and have fun with it.

Well now I have goal setting to go do so, see you later x Chyna

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