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2 Pieces of Advice That I've Learned

Welcome to 12 days of Blogmas

I think I should let it be known that I've started my own version of blogmas. I was up late and referenced 12 days of Christmas because if I'm being honest, it's only the 2nd I wouldn't have lasted a whole month.

One piece of advice that I've learned is to never lose site of who you are in the blur of the chaos. I was told that at a young age and I just turned 19 so I'd say it stuck with me. It's human nature to make mistakes but, if you look in the mirror and can't recognize yourself then it becomes a problem. I'm not about to preach to the chior because it wouldn't make any sense because I'm not perfect I'm just speaking of of what I've been through.

The next piece of advice is not everybody will be nice to you so grow a tough layer of skin. I let my guard down when I put up It's Just Chyna but I'm ready and if I wasn't I can't turn back now.

Yesterday, should have been the first day but it's a To-Do List you should go check it out:

My Winter To-Do List

I am so excited for Virtual Journals x Chyna by the way did you check out My Truths

Chyna Unplugged

It's All Just Me

My Truths #3

More poems will be posted soon.

Well, that's all for this post and I hope you enjoy 12 days of Blogmas. See you later, Chyna.

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