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It's about that time again. With Fall coming to a close I'm really sad but now I guess we can say that it's basically Christmas. My second favorite season is infact Winter and I'm excited to see snow blanket the pretty. Well we have a lot to go over for this To-Do List so keep reading.

I've been saying that I have a lot of mini projects in the works and I finally started working on one of them. I can't wait to announce it but it's still premature. This list is only going to show top prioriety things I have to do for the time being.

Prewriting Sessons

Monday - Thursday 3pm-5pm


Oh, I haven't mentioned that I'm moving...but let's be real packing isn't fun.


I thought this through for a long time...Okay maybe not that long. I decided on doing #blogmas. Is it a thing? I don't know but I'm attempting it.


I finishing up a few courses and exams. I'm homeschooled so I don't get the holiday off like most kids but if I need a break I'll pull back.


All of us adults have to do yeah let's throw a bit of that into the mix as well

I hate that these things are always so short...who am I kidding no one wants to type a novel for a blog post.

See you real soon, Chyna

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