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How I Spent My Thanksgiving

I love the fall but even more I love thanksgiving. It might be over but I just finished digesting the food I had...let's just take a second to admire all the foodies around the world. All the yummy food from this holiday. I just love it all. To be honest, I was up the entire night before so, I slept all day. This is my favorite time of year because I get to spend it with the people who love me, family, friends. Honestly what could be better than that?

This year I'm thankful for so much but, why stop for just one day? I'm grateful for these people and things all the time.

My Family

I wouldn't be where I am without them. Thanks for all the laughs, cries, and life lessons.

My Friends

I'm grateful that I have met so many of you that have come into my life. I refer to just a handful of you as family because so many of you have held me together at my worse. I look foward to the lifelong memories that will be cherish, and bonds that will last throughout middle & highschool.

My Health

I'm so grateful for having a healthy mindset and body. After surgery and sickness I'm glad it's all behind me for now.

My Blog

It's Just Chyna is setting the path for me to accomplish so much in my life. I finally have a place that's uncensored and all me. Words can never express how hard I worked for this and the time I spent creating this...but maybe that's for another blog post.

These are just a few things I'm thankful for and truth be told, everyday I find something new to add to the list. There are so many other project ideas I have floating inside this head of mine. I have something in the works now that I'm grateful for...only time will tell before I can announce the final product. I have no more food babies and I think I've woken up from the crazy food coma I've been in so I'll leave you with this short, yet simple post.

See you later, Chyna

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