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My Truths #3

I'm back with the third installment of Virtual Journals and there are a lot to get through so...I figured it was best to get a jump start on the series. Another good reason is I have a place where I can look back on these poems forever. The Internet. While I'm at it I should probably mention that the time to be scared was when I came up with this crazy idea, my family was not there to stop me. In fact, it was a total impulse decision on my part...Oh yes, now is when I start making wreckless decisions I know, so far it's totally worth it.

This next poem is about me, believe or not most of my poems have nothing to do with me writing about an actual experience...morelike a feeling I felt at that time but nobody who I let read them ever figured that out.

Disclaimer: I am only doing this for the poems that are about me.

About this Poem:

In high school and maybe a little of middle school I was bullied. Kids couldn't tease me about just anything because other than the fact that I was in a wheelchair, I was just like everybody else. Some, were even jealous that I got special treatment for just needing proper adjustments to make being in mainstream classes easier. I can handle people saying vulgar things to me because I was that kid that would tell you off to your face. I hid my feelings, crying meant they got under my skin and could use that to hurt me even more.

Don't bully people it's not cool.

Continuing on...

The girl behind the curtain

She lied. She lied because showing her emotions means you got the best of her, she knows things will never be the same...your words cut deep but she smiles--she smiles in your face but you shattered every ounce of what she loved about herself. No, she's not okay and she'll never truly recover because every word cut too deep to even manage the pain emotionally. There are no tears and 'sorry' won't fix it this yeah she lied and now you know. Sorry that being herself...truly unique, and honest wasn't good enough for you. Do you know the girl behind the curtain? Have you noticed the pain in her eyes? Yes I know, she's deceiving us all while her silhouette masked it--as her very own accomplice. Have you seen her? No?

Behind the curtain is where she will remain...for now until she's ready to reveal herself.

I hope you enjoy this poem. See you later Chyna.

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