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It's All Just Me

I don't know what to name these post other than what they are...apart of me. Some of these poems date back to 2015 around this time actually, what a perfect time to share them (that was my first thought before I had to come up with a name for each post) I never thought it would be this hard. Oh, let's not forget I titled these poems after I wrote them...what fun it is to try and fail at matching them.

Note the sarcasm... maybe I shouldn't be complaining too much but it's still a pain. Let's skip to the bright side I think I finally found a name for the title of these post from here on out...

My Truths.

Every poem is me and it's what I was feeling back then, sometimes I reread them and the feelings resurface.

Onto today's poem...

Crooked Fairytale

Mistakes were made, promises were broken but I guess that's how the world goes right? But maybe it was my fault, maybe it was the fact that I was living a fairytale and tried to make it real, maybe I was hoping for things to change when in reality they can't is it better this way because I have lost all hope. Clearly things never stay the same but I was happy with being stuck in this place where it looked like I was happy even though for what felt like years of just settling was only a second in others eyes I avoided this for so long it became my routine, my normal though it shouldn't be... for so long I felt trapped and I worry because it never once bothered you to see me in this state why bother to let me in what is so bad about being different I'm sorry I couldn't give you what you wanted but if I'm so bad then why haven't you set me free? You win there is nothing left for me

I will be fine... I guess

Well that's it for this post, hope you enjoy the poem. See you later Chyna

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