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What I Didn't Realize About Blogging

When I first started I looked at other bloggers like they were experts. Are they really? Or did they just find out what works for them and go from there? I never claimed and probably never will claim such things because it's simply not true...atleast in my mind. Whose to say what works for them now will work for them in the future? Questions. I know it got me thinking too. I've only been at this five months (almost six) but what do I know...Right?

It's your story, so tell it your way.

I'm glad I found this nefty cool way to express myself, it's given me more freedom to create my own happiness. Different bloggers talk about the same things only to put their own take on whatever it is they talk about in each post.

Are there really secrets to blogging?

Maybe. Maybe not. What if the secret is different for everyone, that's just the way it goes.

I can to realize that it's all fun, there's passion and it is something that you can turn into a career. But, by far the most helpful tip I've learned...

Be Myself.

This doesn't need to be some drawn out post so...happy reading.

See you later, Chyna

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