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Top 10 Favorite Youtubers

I am obsessed with YouTube. I can spend days on it, just being honest I kind of already did. I know...I shouldn't drop my responsibilities like that but, it can't be help. I tried. I've come to terms with it and I'm happy with my like as is. Now, onto the reason for this post my top 10. Just a heads up, it was hell going through my subscription is so long.

1. Rydel Lynch

2. Laurdiy

3. Remi Ashten

4. Olivia Jade

5. Miss Tiffany Ma

6. Jasmine Brown

7. Jasmine Rossol

8. Nikki Glamour

9. Kalyn Nicholson

10. Siena Mirabella

I totally didn't realize that they are all females but you know it's all about that female empowerment. All of these ladies have really good content and mostly the reason why I spend all my time on Youtube.

Seriously go check them out...See you later.


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