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Fall To- Do List

I've been really out of it these last four day, I really need to stop staying up late which is something I never used to do. That's all beside the point here is my To- Do List for Fall.

Fall is my absolute favorite season but that doesn't mean I can slack off. If anything, it means that I'll only be working harder because everything got pushed back because of my surgery.

On my off days: Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays are reserved for writing something special. Might even do a couple of pop-up blog post.

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday are scheduled post days. I don't always stick to the schedule but it keeps me afloat.

There are a lot of mini projects that I started before It's Just Chyna that will be announced shortly. I have a really special post scheduled for soon that I'm a tad bit nervous about but, it will work out.

Disclaimer: My plans are constantly changing so that is why I don't do a whole season To-Do List.

It's short and sweet but typed differently (refering to last To-Do List Post). See you later.


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