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10 Things I learned about Blogging Since I Started...

I remember having this feeling about a flopped blog...and when I started out I looked up every possible post there was on being successful. Okay not every post because there are hundreds. Like I mentioned in my Why do I blog? Post, no blog is successful at the beginning but you have to take pride in what you write and believe that your is great in your eyes. Okay enough with that here are the 10 things that I learned.

1. Make Sure it's something you truly want to do

2. Keep an open mind

3. Do Your research first

4. Write about the things that make you unique

5. Let your personality show through your blog post

6. It's not an English paper for school

7. Be respectful

8. Not everyones blog will be successful in the same way

9. Be Creative

10. Have fun

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I start a mini series yay!! Can we get some claps and maybe a few cheers No? Well, it's no biggie.

Here are the post that are apart of the series more will be added a the series continues.

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Super late post but see you later


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