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What I do to Unwind on a Stressful Day?!


I'm back on for an additional blog post. Let me just say that I love a good relaxing day. I don't get stressed a lot but when I do...everything changes. I can't say I have a routine because let's be real here I don't have one.

Here are the steps I take to unwind on a stressful day

Step 1: Remove myself from the situation causing the stress.

Step 2: Take a deep breath

Step 3: Organize/Plan what I need to do

Step 4: Listen to music to relax myself

Step 5: Don't worry about the small stuff

It's that simple. Sometimes, the weather comes into play...I like when it rains that's kind of my favorite kind of weather it calms me down. Well, that's pretty much it like I said these 'stressful days' don't happen often.

Rare Saturday Post...I like this relaxed-no pressure post. See you later.


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