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What Inspires Me On a Bad Day

I am not always as strong as my personality puts off, I learned to brush off the things that bother me most. Some may call it growing tougher skin but, nothing lasts forever it all wears down. Being myself I was bullied for just the physical aspect of being in a wheelchair, every once and awhile someone always found something wrong with me--point it out and make jokes. On a good day, I brush it off.

What happens if I can't?

What do I do?

My good days involve everything when it's all said and done. If I'm not feeling 'bubbly' or the light isn't in my eyes, I'm not okay. Generally, there is music or talking to a friend but, I like to just sit in silence and reflect. What do I mean? Well, no one is happy all the time and some people are really good at hiding what they truly feel--me not so much. My face gives me away, I'm better when someone is there so that I'm not bottling up everything...just breathe. I also write poems and I pour my feelings into whatever it is that I'm writing about. (I can't speak on it yet but that's coming out real soon and in the future so keep an eye on it.)

My favorite thing about relaxing and reflecting is that I can see when I'm getting too ahead of myself and I can slow down. I will never be so pressured to be someone that I'm not or feel something that I don't feel. It's a feeling of being free and being yourself and, that in terms can make you happy or inspire you to be the best you can be. So it's amazing when you don't have to jump through hoops to get something done. There are an infinite number of things that inspire me...(maybe I'll do a part 2) but for now that's it.

Well those are all the things that inspire me. See you later.


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