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I have a lot to make up for

I've been gone for a month just about and that means there is a lot to do... time got away from me, and I was dealing with my health. Surgery slowed me down and put a HUGE rain cloud over my summer plans, how depressing is that but, I'm good now. I'm coming back full force. This is all I care about right now, my blog is not my pride possession but, I've worked so hard to have it and not posting for that duration of time broke my heart...I was losing an uphill battle. I make no excuses for my health because I have to feel my best to do my best and I wasn't. I'm back now...writing, loving it and acheiving greatness.

I'm so happy, and now I'm healthy too. This definitely wasn't my best summer and I didn't have fun like I could have...there was a side of me that change and for the first time in awhile I feel like Chyna. I look at my family and smile because they have held me up through this tough time. Now, they can relax.

There is so much that has to be done and I'm not waisting any time I was always told if you want something don't wait around for it, go get it. I have a surprise that I can't share about just yet--it's too soon but for now I'll just leave it at that.

I have some work to do but I'll be back


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