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Where have I been?

First Attempt:

Aug 23, 2017

I can't figure out why I been so sick for the past month. I can't push myself to make content that's not good...if it's not my best work then I am not going to post. I need to make sure my body is healthy before all else and that's just the cold, honest truth.

I am making my way back. Yes,`it took long time but I owe it to myself not to let this pain and sickness hold me back. I have something planned.

I'm returning to my blog that I've missed entirely too much. When I started It's Just Chyna it has always been because writing for one is a true passion and for months I lost sight of that because of sickness and pain. Yes, I needed to take care of my health but that doesn't mean I should let it cripple me from doing what I love. There is so much I want for this blog and I'm not one to give up, so I'm going to push myself...because I am back to normal and all recovered from surgery.

My life has always given me obstacles, that's second nature to me now, but I've had family and friends to help me overcome them...that hasn't changed. This is my life and now it just adds to the storyline.

It pains me to cut this short but I will be back.


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