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Tv Watchlist: Hospital Edition

I've been in the hospital for a few days now, after being in the hospital for surgery so there is always plenty of time to watch tv. Took awhile to find the channels that interested me most, but I did is a list of all the shows I watched during both stays at the hospital.

Grey's Anatomy: I love that show so much and I was happy about watching episodes back...I totally binge watched season 13.

Law & Order: SVU: This show is something my family has been watching for years and we sing the intro to it everytime it comes on. (Netflix took off most of the seasons :( like why?)

Wild N' Out: My little sister watches this and she kind of got me hooked.

Safeword: New series I really enjoyed it.

Catfish: This is my new favorite show. It was so entertaining to see how far people will go to lie and decieve others I LOVE IT.

Post question: What are your favorite tv shows to watch when you're sick?

Disclaimer: This is really short but all I did was heal, sleep, and watch tv. Leaving feeling better and pain I can manage, I just need time to get my life back together so that I can make better post. Picture post will be back really soon just bare with me.

See you later


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