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I'm having the worst writers block for blog post lately and have just been winging it for the past three posts which is not the best idea, but what's done is done. Being in the hospital has been clouding my brain but I'm an imperfect human being. Anyways, on to the subject at hand...Pinterest. Since I have writers block pinterest has given me the inspiration I need. Now, just to be clear I'm listing off ideas because there are hundreds, I'm jus stating that's where I go when I need to.

I'm not on Pinterest as much as I am my other social media but I like creating boards according to my current interest or DIY projects that I want to try but don't have the artistic skill to but it's always nice to look at.

So here is a short post about Pinterest and I almost forgot that, I have something really special that I'm putting together but I'm not annoucing it until I have all the details worked out.

See you guys later


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