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Summer Favorites

If I'm being honest, summer isn't my favorite season. I do have a few favorites things I like about it. The idea of a my cousins backyard I love that it surrounded me with family and friends, I can't forget how bright the stars were that night. Or how dizzy I got when the bounced me up and down on the trampoline. This year, before nightfall could even come (I guess the excitement was too real) my sisters and cousins made S'mores...they are messy but so AMAZING. There is always picnics too, I used to have those on Memorial Day with the entire family...extended and all bit that's just something I miss doing in general.

We can't forget about a music playlist. I like what I like but variety is always good. You know, a little something everyone can enjoy. Now, the summer surgery put a damper in all my plans and has caused major stress but Pinterest can give me inspiration for next year.

Post question:

What are some of your favorite things to do in summer?

* I feel like I'm slowly coming back and I'm really trying to make this a speedy recovery. I do have a recovery playlist, YouTube and Netflix. I'm getting there that's all that matters.

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