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It's Launched!!!

Just a few of the Moonlight Madness Collection has been added to the store. Don't be alarmed if new items arrive afterward. Below is just two of the pieces that have been uploaded. I'm most excited for this collection because of my fascination with the stars and the moon a night--a sense of piece and now here is some for you, and more coming soon.

*Little Disclaimer: I'm not claiming by ANY means to be a designer and it's not something I have an interest in, seriously, ask my family. I'm just testing the waters...these designs from Moonlight Madness are my favorite though but that's just because I made them.

Tip of Day:

If you're not willing to try new things you'll never know what you like or dislike or what you're uncomfortable with.

I will appreciate POSITIVE feedback/advice

Hate Comments are not tolerated!!

Thank you so much.


*Another Disclaimer: I will update you guys on my progress from after my surgery. I write all post a day in advance...when I can so that I can keep up with the schedule. Once again thank you in advance, for understanding.

Have a happy weekend, and be safe.


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