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I'll be adding the new collection within the next couple of days. Like I said, in the last post I am still in recovery from surgery. Let's be honest here, the pain is kicking my butt. I'm on bed rest for now, but that's not the point of this post. Moonlight Madness will be up on the store soon even if I have to upload a new piece everyday. To be honest, I wanted to have pictures of the items...sort of like a preview in the post but I decided on the element of surprise. So no sneak peek.

* Disclaimer: I promise when I'm feeling better these blog post will be longer and much more interesting and totally not boring but my life isn't all that exciting sometimes. I just got released from the hospital and I'm still in a great deal of pain, I hope whoever is reading this will understand.

So, here is to another short and relaxing post. Who really wants to read a novel for a blog post? Anyways more exciting stuff to come and I will see you guys later.

See you soon


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