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Happy Friday

Congrats guys you made it through the entire week. Was it everything and more? Let's be honest, just because it's a two day weekend doesn't mean you can't enjoy it. It is summertime but not everybody wants to sit in the blazing sun... I'm sorry in advance. I started going on strolls with my sister but it's not enough to make my vacation that exciting. What should we talk about today besides the fact that we all survive busy, but boring week. (Well, on my part it was boring.) Seriously, though what else is there to say about this week other than the fact that I've written way too many things it has made my fingers cramp up. I really don't mind though because it's what I'm excited and most passionate makes it all worth while and on a personal note I would push aside everything bad--worries and more to write or play. Leave topic suggestions for the next post (or future post in the comments below.)

Make me a promise?

No matter what is bothering you, take something you love to do and throw all of your energy into it. Keep your mind positive and you will be a lot happier.

Pinky promise.

My goal for this website is to ultimately make someone smile at least for the week and I will try. We all have bad days but I can always break out the smile jar...just kidding I don't have one of those (I could always get one.) Try music or a friend and when no one looking have a dance party, just take my word for it something will make you smile.

Random Post Question: Where are all you guys from? What are you passionate about?

Me? I'm just a girl from North Carolina. You've already heard about what I'm passionate about there is no need to repeat it.

It's the end of Welcome week. No more of the introduction post and I'm excited for all the fun amazing that are coming up.

It's Friday guys if you want a shout out be active follow me on my social media.

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