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To all the Newbies

This is just for my amusement because I ABSOLUTELY love to write. It's a release for me and now I get to share that with all of you or whoever is reading this. My blog is my new baby...prized possession if you want to call it that. You may ask what are my expectations and I do have some small goals and later they will become bigger. I didn't start this blog expecting it will blow up overnight but I'm not expecting that it will fail either.

I'm all about not giving up and trying again when you come up short with that being said I also know that it takes time, effort and dedication. Before going into this I asked myself "Are you willing to put in the work for this?" I can honestly say that I am 100% If I feel like I can't do this then I let myself down, I doubted my ability to commit and that's no fun.

My powerful Message: Don't give up.

I'm a Newbie and I think this will be a fun yet crazy lesson because I'm ready to be the girl behind the blog, and at times she may have a lot to say.

To all the new people visiting my blog:

Hi, how are you? I'm just being who I am, I can be a tad weird but I like hugs and last time I checked I didn't come from a different planet so that make me human.

Welcome to the blog.

Well, guys I won't keep you too long I hope you enjoyed my powerful message and all the magical unicorn love I try to spread (I'm joking but spread the wouldn't hurt.)

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